The bracelet measures 26cm in circumference

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  If so I am afraid that you will be disappointed. This time the fashion house has again used the iconic check embossment on the necklace and bracelet. After all, what you are purchasing is not any acrylic and metal mass but art and style combined jewelry.. As you may have noticed, the Burberry fashion jewelry is always innovative and energetic, very suitable to the young brand image. The bracelet measures 26cm in circumference. However, the Burberry Acrylic Check Embossed Heart Charm Necklace and Bracelet highlighting the heart theme is not as original, for LV and Gucci has already used the heart detail in their jewelry and bag collection.
Here I am going to introduce you an ideal combination of necklace and bracelet from Burberry. Actually the necklace retails for €295. Both are combination of fine chain necklace or bracelet featuring check embossed Rosary Bracelets Suppliers acrylic heart charms and three Burberry engraved metallic heart charms and with parrot clasp closure.Of course, what offers by Burberry is in the typical Burberry style.00. You may expect the acrylic and metal made fashion jewelry set to be cheap.00, and the bracelet existing in black and red asks for €140.

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